Warshawsky Law Firm Files Lawsuit For California Resident Seeking Return Of His Beloved Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend. The Warshawsky Law Firm represents a California resident who is suing his former boyfriend in New York City for return of his beloved dog, which was brazenly stole from him while our client was walking the dog on the streets of Los Angeles. The dog belongs to our client, who adopted the dog as a puppy from a Manhattan animal shelter and raised and cared for the dog for many years while living in New York City. When our client relocated to Los Angeles, his former boyfriend repeatedly reneged on their agreement to have the dog live with our client in California. A few months after our client flew with the dog to California (in a private Mint suite on Jet Blue!), the former boyfriend conspired to have our client assaulted and the dog stolen during their morning walk. The dognapping was recorded by a security camera, which clearly shows the injustice that was done to our client. The lawsuit has been filed in federal district court in Manhattan (Southern District of New York). Our client is seeking a court order returning the dog to his possession as well as monetary damages for the financial and emotional harms he has suffered.