Warshawsky Law Firm In The News: New York Post

As discussed in our previous post, we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a California resident who alleges that his beloved pet dog was dognapped by his ex-boyfriend while our client was walking the dog on the streets of Los Angeles. The ex-boyfriend lives in New York City (where our client lived for several years before moving to California in 2019), which is where the lawsuit was filed, in Manhattan federal district court.

The New York Post has published a story about the case, written by Kathianne Boniello, which was posted online on December 19, 2020. The story, titled “NYC Pup Allegedly Dognapped Twice By Owner’s Ex-Lovers,” quotes Steven M. Warshawsky, who was asked by the reporter to comment on the defendants’ version of what happened, which Mr. Warshawsky called “laughable.” Amazingly, the defendants and their attorney have gone on record denying that the dognapping – which was recorded by a security camera – took place. One thing we agree on with the defendants’ attorney: We look forward to litigating this case in court.