Arbitrations, Trials & Appeals

At The Warshawsky Law Firm, we are true trial and appellate lawyers who have successfully represented clients in jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, and appeals.

We are available to handle trials and appeals for parties, including their attorneys, who are looking for more experienced litigation counsel with proven written and oral advocacy skills, the ability to analyze complex legal issues in a creative but realistic manner, and who navigate courtrooms confidently and effectively.  Whether as lead counsel or co-counsel, we can help clients pursue and achieve their litigation goals, before judges, juries, and appellate panels.

We are fully versed in all aspects of pretrial litigation, including pleadings, discovery, depositions, expert witnesses, and motions practice, and have achieved favorable pretrial outcomes for our clients. We have tried numerous cases to verdict in federal courts in New York and Washington, D.C. We have briefed and argued numerous appeals before the U.S. Court of Appeals. We have conducted numerous arbitrations before the AAA, JAMS, and FINRA.

For those wondering about our “record,” in the immortal words of fictional attorney Vinny Gambini:  “Uh, you know, win some, lose some.”

We also serve as local counsel for out of state parties and law firms who require a New York attorney to assist them with their cases.

If you or your company is looking for an experienced and successful litigation attorney to take your case to trial or bring or defend an appeal, please contact The Warshawsky Law Firm for a free consultation.