Warshawsky Law Firm Represents Employees Whose COVID-19 “Vaccine” Religious and Medical Exemption Requests Have Been Denied

In response to the COVID-19 “vaccine” mandates now being implemented by public and private employers throughout New York, thousands of employees have been applying for religious and/or medical exemptions to the vax. Based on recent news reports, some of these requests are being granted, but the vast majority of them are being denied – leading to the mass terminations of employees who otherwise refuse to get the jab. This tyrannical policy is inflicting terrible financial and emotional harm on thousands of New York workers and their families.

Federal and state labor laws entitle employees who object to the vax to fair consideration of their requests for religious and/or medical accommodations. Denying such accommodations may constitute illegal discrimination and wrongful termination. The Warshawsky Law Firm represents employees whose requests for religious and/or medical exemptions to the COVID-19 “vaccine” requirement have been denied. If you reside in New York and have had your religious and/or medical exemption request denied, please contact us for a free consultation about how we may be able to help restore your rights.